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May 29, 2024

Episode 131 – Explore Essential Veterinary Dental Techniques with Dr. Brett Beckman

πŸŽ™οΈ “Explore Essential Veterinary Dental Techniques with Dr. Brett Beckman on The Vet Dental Show!”

Quick Summary of the Episode:

In this episode, Dr. Brett Beckman delves into the crucial techniques and considerations for performing effective root canals and managing dental complications in veterinary practice. The focus is on real-life scenarios that help veterinarians enhance their skills in dental care.

Guest, Cast, and Crew Information:

Host: Dr. Brett Beckman, a board-certified veterinary dentist, known for his expertise in veterinary dental procedures.

Main Talking Points:

  1. Criteria for deciding on root canal treatments.
  2. Techniques for performing caudal maxillary blocks.
  3. Challenges and solutions in dealing with discolored or dead teeth.
  4. Discussion on the viability of root canals versus extractions.

Interesting Quotes From the Episode:

“Even if a tooth appears radiographically normal, underlying issues can often lead to significant discomfort for the patient, making early intervention crucial.”


  1. 00:00 – Introduction and episode overview.
  2. 02:30 – Discussion on root canal indicators and procedures.
  3. 05:45 – Techniques for effective dental blocks.
  4. 08:15 – Managing discolored teeth and indications of non-vital teeth.
  5. 11:00 – Q&A session with listeners on specific dental cases.

Summary of Key Points:

Dr. Beckman covers the intricacies of dental care in veterinary practice, focusing on when to opt for root canals, how to address challenges in administering effective anesthetic blocks, and the management of dental health issues like discolored or dead teeth.

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