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May 15, 2024

Episode 129 – Master Veterinary Dental Techniques: Effective Blocks, Extractions, and More with Dr. Brett Beckman

In this episode, Dr. Brett Beckman, a board-certified veterinary dentist, provides a comprehensive guide on effective dental blocks, identifying exposed dentin, managing dentigerous cysts, and performing mandibular canine extractions. This 14-minute episode is packed with actionable advice and cautionary tips to help veterinarians and technicians enhance their dental procedures.

  1. Host: Dr. Brett Beckman, Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist

Main Talking Points

  1. Effective Caudal Maxillary Blocks:
  2. Importance of regional blocks in inflamed tissue areas.
  3. Detailed technique for locating and performing the block.
  4. Identifying Exposed Dentin:
  5. Explanation of the “dentin chalk trail” using a dental explorer.
  6. Managing Dentigerous Cysts:
  7. Risks associated with mandibular fractures.
  8. Guidelines for general practitioners on handling cysts.
  9. Mandibular Canine Extractions:
  10. Proper use of luxators and elevators.
  11. Techniques to ensure safe and effective extractions.

Interesting Quotes From the Episode

  1. “Inflamed tissue alters the pH and the characteristics of the block and its ability to cause desensitization of the nerve.”
  2. “If you can’t extract comfortably a mandibular canine tooth, don’t even think about doing a case like that one.”
  3. “You’ll have good bone growth back in there by six weeks whether you use a bone graft or a blood clot.”


  1. 00:00 – 01:30: Introduction and overview of the episode.
  2. 01:31 – 04:00: Effective Caudal Maxillary Blocks.
  3. 04:01 – 06:30: Identifying Exposed Dentin.
  4. 06:31 – 09:00: Managing Dentigerous Cysts.
  5. 09:01 – 12:00: Mandibular Canine Extractions.
  6. 12:01 – 14:00: Closing remarks and call to action.

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Summarize Key Points

This episode of the Veterinary Dental Show provides essential insights into performing caudal maxillary blocks, identifying exposed dentin through a chalk trail method, managing dentigerous cysts, and safely extracting mandibular canine teeth. Dr. Brett Beckman shares his expertise and practical advice to help veterinarians improve their dental practices effectively.


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