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April 3, 2024

Episode 124 – How Are Ketamine and Cerenia Redefining Veterinary Pain Management Frontiers?

Uncover the transformative potential of Ketamine and Cerenia in veterinary pain management, as shared in our latest podcast episode from the 2023 Veterinary Pain Management Workshop.

This episode features Dr. Mark Epstein, a renowned expert in veterinary pain management, as he discusses the innovative use of Ketamine and Cerenia for managing pain in dogs and cats. Recorded during a comprehensive workshop in 2023, Dr. Epstein offers insights into their application for both chronic pain and perioperative care.

Dr. Mark Epstein, a celebrated figure in veterinary pain management, serving as the Medical Director at Total Bond Veterinary Hospitals in North Carolina and a certified veterinary pain practitioner.

Main Talking Points:

  • Ketamine’s Role in Chronic Pain: Examination of its application beyond perioperative pain relief.
  • The Impact of Cerenia on Pain Modulation: Insights into its use for more than preventing vomiting, potentially aiding in pain management.
  • Innovative Delivery Methods: A look into novel approaches such as subcutaneous infusion devices for improving pain management effectiveness.

Interesting Quotes:

  • “Ketamine… it can work in chronic pain conditions, neuropathic pain conditions.” – Dr. Mark Epstein
  • “Meripotent not only helps with maintaining appetite post-op but also decreases vomiting and has a pain modifying effect.” – Dr. Mark Epstein


  • 00:00 – Introduction and Overview
  • 01:00 – The Role of Ketamine in Managing Chronic and Perioperative Pain
  • 03:00 – Evaluating Cerenia’s Effectiveness in Pain Modulation
  • 05:00 – Discussing Novel Pain Management Delivery Methods
  • 07:00 – Summary and Closing Remarks
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Dive into the insightful discussion with Dr. Mark Epstein on leveraging Ketamine and Cerenia for advanced pain management in veterinary practices. Recorded at our 2023 workshop, this episode offers valuable knowledge for veterinarians aiming to enhance patient care.

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