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March 20, 2024

Episode 122 – Unveiling New Frontiers in Veterinary Pain Management: Naltrexone and Cannabinoids

Quick Summary of the Episode:

In this special edition of the Vet Dental Show, we present a recording from the comprehensive workshop on pain management hosted by us in late 2023. Dr. Mark Epstein, a distinguished expert in veterinary pain management, shares his extensive knowledge of groundbreaking techniques and guidelines that can revolutionize the way veterinarians approach pain management in their practice. This episode encapsulates Dr. Epstein’s insights into innovative treatments, including the potential of Naltrexone and Cannabinoids, aiming to enhance practice outcomes and elevate patient care. 

  • Speaker: Dr. Mark Epstein, Veterinary Pain Management Expert, Medical Director at Total Bond Veterinary Hospitals, and a certified veterinary pain practitioner.

Main Talking Points:

  • Naltrexone as a Pain Management Tool: Discussion on low-dose Naltrexone’s potential benefits for chronic pain conditions in dogs, including its mechanism and evidence for effectiveness.
  • Cannabinoids and Pain Management: Examination of the mixed data on Cannabinoids for osteoarthritis pain management in dogs, highlighting significant studies and the International Association for the Study of Pain’s consensus.

Interesting Quotes From the Episode:

  • “Naltrexone…when used in a low dose…seems to be pretty strong evidence that it can be effective for certain chronic pain conditions.”
  • “The data behind [Cannabinoids] with osteoarthritis is really quite mixed…much more needs to be done.”

Timestamps for Major Segments:

  • 00:00 – Introduction and overview
  • 02:30 – Dr. Mark Epstein’s introduction
  • 03:45 – Naltrexone in pain management
  • 10:00 – Cannabinoids in veterinary medicine
  • 15:00 – Analysis of current studies and guidelines
  • 20:00 – Final thoughts and recommendations

Calls to Action:

  • For veterinarians aspiring to excel in dentistry and pain management, consider applying for the Veterinary Dental Practitioner Program at
  • Join the discussion on veterinary pain management innovations in the Veterinary Cannabis Academy on Facebook.


This recorded Pain Management workshop episode provides a deep dive into the latest research and applications of Naltrexone and Cannabinoids. Dr. Epstein critically evaluates the existing literature and shares his experiences, offering a nuanced perspective on these potential tools in the veterinarian’s arsenal against pain.

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