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November 15, 2023

Episode 104 – Veterinary Dental FAQs: Extraction, Nerve Blocks, and More

This podcast covers various questions that veterinary dentists frequently receive, including distorted x-rays, tooth resorption in dogs, follow up after dental surgery, preventing tongue mutilation after extraction, using carbocaine for nerve blocks, signs of ineffective nerve blocks, diagnosing non-vital teeth, and whether to extract teeth with apical lucencies. The veterinarian answers each question thoroughly, explaining best practices, procedures, and clinical reasoning for dental treatments. Key points include monitoring pets until fully recovered to prevent tongue mutilation, carbocaine and other “caine” drugs besides lidocaine can be used for nerve blocks, increased heart rate and respiration can signal ineffective nerve blocks, periapical lucencies typically indicate non-vital infected teeth that require extraction, and infected teeth with apical bone loss should be extracted promptly rather than monitored. Overall, the podcast provides helpful clinical advice and perspectives for veterinary dental professionals.

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